There Are Only Three People You Should Ever Dress to Impress!

There Are Only Three People You Should Ever Dress to Impress!

Posted by TRACY ILTON STYLIST on 25th Jun 2018

A couple of nights ago I went out to celebrate a birthday with family. It was a great night filled with love, laughter, and great food and wine. As always I had spent a bit of time thinking about what to wear so that I was neither over-, nor under-dressed. When I had decided on my outfit I felt really excited as I knew it was “me” to a tee - it truly represented my style personality.

It can be easy to worry about how others will perceive you, and whether they will like what you’re wearing. Sometimes this can be so overwhelming that we will change our outfit/clothes in the hope that everyone will like it. In my humble opinion, this is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, your style is yours and yours only; don’t worry about whether someone else approves or not as it’s okay to be you! They’re them, and that’s okay too. Secondly, you will never please everyone. Some will absolutely love your style, some will hate it, and the majority will probably be indifferent, so wear what makes YOU feel AMAZING!

I have spent the majority of my life worrying about my weight and whether what I was wearing was okay for my size. When I was in my teens I was very thin, then hit my 20s and discovered the joys of food and wine, overindulged in both, and then struggled to maintain a healthy weight. I have tried every diet in the book and am a life member of Weight Watchers. To this day, my weight is still up and down but the one thing that has really changed is that I am okay with that. Whereas years ago I would have been filled with self loathing, I am now far more accepting. Therefore, when I go out and my jeans might be a little firmer on the thighs I don’t care. I’d rather enjoy life to the full and have dessert, than be the uptight skinny b*&ch who looks “perfect”. You see, there is no size limit to style, no age limit either. Style is relevant no matter what imperfections you might think you have. And remember, the “perfect” woman truly only exists in the airbrushed images we see in the media.

Next time you dress and worry about pleasing someone else, think the only three people I need to impress are: “me, myself and I”. You will then be the best version of you, and feel AMAZING!

If you’re not sure of your style personality and want to learn more about it, contact me on 021312553, or

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