The Eyes Have It!

The Eyes Have It!

Posted by TRACY ILTON STYLIST on 30th May 2018

So here’s a wee nugget you might not know about me - I’m a Certified Makeup Artist! It’s not something I generally broadcast as it’s not my main area of focus with my clients, but I regularly get asked about my makeup and what recommendations I have so I thought I would share with you my personal regime and the products I love!

Now because I don’t want you nodding off by the time I run through everything I’m going to focus on the eyes today (focus — see what I did there?!). There will be quite a list by the time I finish but it really doesn’t take that long once you get the hang of things! My hair and makeup takes about 30 mins in total in the morning.

We all like different coverage when it comes to foundation so I won’t mention that, but before I start I always prep my skin with a good primer. This helps the makeup apply more smoothly, last longer throughout the day, and is an all round must have to start. I use Radiance Primer by NARS and use my fingertips to apply it all over my face, including my eyelids. Next I apply my foundation, then a light loose powder. To apply your powder use a lovely big fluffy brush, tap off the excess, then press it against your skin in a soft dabbing motion — if you rub it across your face you can disturb the foundation.

Now you’ve got the base sorted, let’s get to work on the eyes. I begin with the brows — they are a vital part of your overall look as they frame not only your eyes but your whole face. Eyebrows thin as we age, so they can make us look older if left unattended! I apply Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe with an eyebrow brush to create a great shape, then finish them with a MAC Great Brows kit. This comes with it’s own wee brushes and includes a mid brown, light brown and then a highlighter that you run around the brows when you have finished.

Eyes, as with all makeup, rely on quality brushes and are definitely worth investing in. Most of my brushes are by MAC, however, I have recently added a QUOI Blender (35) and QUOI Large Shadow (05) brush purchased from Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa - these retailed for about $35 each so won’t break the bank, and are lovely to use.

Using my Blender brush I apply Smashbox Vanilla over my whole eye area - again tapping the brush to remove excess before applying. Next I use my MAC blender brush to apply Urban Decay (Naked 2 kit) Tease from the outside of my eyelid up through the crease, blending, blending and then blending some more! Always blend more than you think you need to! Tease is quite a light brown but will deepen with more layers if you wish. If I’m wanting a more defined crease I will then apply NARS Bali which is a darker brown and is great for an evening look. BTW: If you want to make hazel, green or brown eyes pop, try using purples, or browns with a red undertone — the green will sing! To make blue eyes really pop, use terracottas and oranges!

Now I’ve got my browns on, I then move to making my lashes super awesome.I have recently discovered and purchased two excellent products - Blinc Eyeliner Pencil Black, and FFL (Forget False Lashes) Pre-Mascara Lash Plumping Primer. Using the liner I line the waterline of my upper lid. To do this you put your head slightly back, and look down then gently rub the pencil backwards and forwards along the waterline - it’s essential you move your mouth into a really random, stretched oval! If any of the colour transfers to the lower waterline, use a cotton bud to remove it as this stuff stays put once set. Next dab a fine line along the upper lash line so that the base of your lashes looks thick and lustrous. Don’t worry if the line isn’t perfect, you’re now going to blend it with the cotton bud. Run it from about 1 mm from the outside of your eye until just past your iris.

Before applying mascara, I then go back to my Urban Decay kit and pop a tiny bit of Chopper or one of the other shimmer colours on the centre of my lid - not so much that you look like a disco ball, more just a little pop. Now I curl my lashes, then apply my FFL Pre-Mascara Primer. I’ve used other primers in the past that weren’t great, but this is the bomb! It applies little fibres to your lashes that add length and fullness. Wait for 30 seconds or so, then apply your usual mascara. I’ve been using Maybelline Colossal Volume on and off for years. It’s cheap as chips and for my money rivals any of the expensive ones. One more tip, if you get mascara on your cheeks or upper lids let it dry, then just use your cotton bud to remove it.

For my last little trick, I pop a little bit of Anastasia Beverley Hills “So Hollywood” Illuminator in the inside corner of my eyes to make them look fresh and vibrant.

And that’s it! Easy, eh?!

BTW: These are my products and daily routine - I haven't been sponsored to promote any of the above

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