How to Dress Age Appropriately

How to Dress Age Appropriately

Posted by TRACY ILTON STYLIST on 9th May 2018

Recently I read a blog post reminding women to use makeup appropriately and dress to compliment their maturity, shape and complexion. It got me to thinking about what “appropriate” is, how we interpret that with regards our own style, and whether we need to “moderate” our style as we mature.

Given I’m on the slippery slopes to my mid-50s it gave me pause to reflect on my own image. Should I temper my style so as to be deemed “age appropriate”, or is it okay for me to wear dress shorts showing my less-than-perfect knees, still embrace wearing my Doc Maartens (purchased after I turned 50), and have platinum blonde hair? (Boots & shorts not worn together!). I also love makeup, and happily experiment with it when feeling playful. Is that ok?

I love that the post provoked such deep thought, for surely that’s what writing is all about. I wasn’t sure whether to feel affronted that I’m at an age where people might consider my look inappropriate, or whether to be grateful for the reminder. I opted for being grateful. Anything that encourages me to revisit my image has to be a good thing - although as a stylist I’m pretty good at being mindful.

If you’re at a stage in your life where you are questioning how you should be dressing, or your total image, I highly recommend seeking the advice of a professional. When purchasing makeup, don’t necessarily buy the same product/colour because that’s what you have always used. Those gorgeous girls working in your favourite makeup store know their s*&t - get their advice! As we age, our skin tone changes so it’s important to match your foundation each time you need a replacement. Also, shout yourself a professional makeup some time - I have them from time to time just to feel great, and I only have them done when the cost is redeemable on product. Therefore, I get a free makeup, learn some new techniques and walk away with some fantastic product that compliments my skin tone.

Similarly, hair styles are constantly evolving, as are colour techniques - ask your hair stylist for any suggestions they might have. That style you’ve been rocking for the past 10-15 years might not be cutting it any more (see what I did there?!). I’m finniticky when it comes to hair so I take pictures with me on my iPhone so they can see the look I’m aiming for, then adapt it to my face shape, skin tone etc.

When it comes to your clothing, my advice is to keep with your own style preferences but ensure you have the correct fit as your body changes over time. It’s not about whether it’s right or wrong to wear a particular length, low neckline, or show your upper arms. If you know your style categories such as “contemporary, elegant and stylish”, you will always portray your best version of you! If in doubt, seek the advice of a professional……

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