Date Night!

Date Night!

Posted by TRACY ILTON STYLIST on 16th Jun 2018

So it's Saturday in winter, and finally we've had a break in the rain!  What's your go-to look for a night out on the town?  BTW: date night can also be a fun night out with the girls!  Are you a "cover myself up it's freezing" kind of woman, or do you "feel no cold when I look good"? 

I'm probably somewhere in the middle myself, and of course, there is no right or wrong.  I'll suffer a bit of cold to look good, but I won't freeze my tush off either!

I'm all about trans-seasonal style which means layering when it's cooler, and being able to have lighter, softer pieces when it's warmer.  Because it's also fun to mix up textures, and styles my outfit for tonight will be the id by ILTON Origami top (with a very sexy Icebreaker merino cami underneath!), and a rabbit fur vest over the top.  These paired with my ripped jeans from Halo & Hazard, Northlands and my Valentino heels will see me right, I reckon!

For my money, I believe it's all about what works for you - a bit like wearing a sexy, lace thong, or boy short knickers.  A girl should just please herself.  Cold and sexy, or warm and style-y?  Up to you!

If you like these tops, they're available now on the website, but as always very limited numbers so be in quick!

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